2021 Team Appointments

Tuesday Training

Final Team Training Times to be Confirmed

Thursday Training

Final Team Training Times to be Confirmed

Information for Players


Regardless of which Club you play for, your age group or division your play in, every player is bound to abide by the Player's Code of Conduct.


The Code of Conduct explains what conduct is considered appropriate so that every week every single kid has FUN!


If Cutters kids are abiding by the rules we are doing everything we can to make sure we have fun, and our friends in other clubs also have fun.


Please take the time to read the Code of Conduct and the additional information in the Player Handbook. If you have any questions please ask your Coach in the first instance.


If you come across conduct that you think does not fit within the Code of Conduct speak to your Coach or please come and and talk to someone at the office. Alternatively, you can send us a email at coomeracutters@gmail.com


Remember, if you are not having fun you need to speak up.